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"A business' reputation and identity can be its most valuable asset. We can provide you with strategic advice to ensure that you are protected."

Our Services

  • Brand Strategy and Advice
  • Trade Mark Clearance and Searches
  • Trade Mark Applications, Prosecution
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Responding to Examination Reports
  • Opposition Proceedings
  • Revocation Proceedings
  • Assignments and Licensing
  • Infringement and Registrability Advice

Why do we need a trade mark ?

  • Registering a trade mark makes it easier and less costly to prevent others from using your business identity. Use of your trade mark, brand or business identity can lead to confusion for your customers and damage your reputation.
  • Registration of a trade mark gives the owner exclusive rights.  For example, if you register an Australian trade mark, it gives you the exclusive right to use the trade mark in Australia and its external territories.
  • A registered trade mark will prevent your competition registering a mark which is the same or similar and related to your product or service.
  • A registered trade mark may be used to prevent the importation of infringing goods into Australia.

About Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly is an Australian Trade Mark Attorney based in Hobart, Tasmania. Kate has worked exclusively in trade mark law and practice for 16 years. 

She focuses on the protection of trade marks both locally and internationally and has experience in Australia and Europe.
Kate Kelly is a trade mark lawyer based in Hobart


  • Bachelor of Commerce and Laws - University of Tasmania - 1999
  • Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice - University of Tasmania - 2000
  • Admission to the Supreme Court of Tasmania - August 2000
  • Registered Irish Trade Mark Attorney - 2005
  • Registered European Trade Mark Attorney - 2006
  • Graduate Certificate of Trade Mark Law and Practice - 2011
  • Registered Australian Trade Mark Attorney 2012
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